Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The "Aluhotend V2" family

I thought I might clear something up about the Aluhotends given the number of questions people keep asking me

originally i never intended to get into 3mm mainly because i prefer 1.75mm , i do however now run both,

the Aluhotend family now has 4 members to it

1.75mm Aluhotend-LT - this one has a ptfe liner inside and is specifically for printing with PLA and ABS the upper limit for temperature is about 245c *production version available

1.75mm aluhotend-HT - this one is nothing but straight aluminium stainless and brass and can reach temperatures up to 500c, *currently made on demand

3mm Aluhotend-LT - this one is has a ptfe liner like the 1.75mm version and is currently undergoing testing polishing techniques are looking to make this one obsolete *currently made on demand

3mm Aluhotend-HT -  this is all metal and is also known as the "MAGMA" sold by trinity labs currently available there for use with pla abs nylon and polycarbonate *in production