Sunday, 20 October 2013

Bulldog extruder

_DSC0117 by thejollygrimreaper
_DSC0117, a photo by thejollygrimreaper on Flickr.

Friday, 18 October 2013

-=( New nozzle geometry )=-

After i recieved my latest batch of nozzles with a better quality orifice which now has a very tiny chamfer on the inside of the 0.3mm hole it is still compatible with the up! extruders and makerbot extruders, 

on this one i have drilled out the back to 4mm and extended the ptfe liner down into the back of the nozzle, this mean not only does the hotend not have to be sealed but also that retraction is so much more effective, 

after a little more testing i will make these the standard nozzle on the Aluhotend,

the photo below is the nozzle at operating temperature 30mins after the filament was retracted back up 7mm this will essentially make it perfect for dual extrusion setups