Saturday, 8 November 2014

-=( Aluhotend V6)=-

Aluhotend - V6 now available

after some review information from Thomas Sanladerer i have made a few changes and now the V6 version of my hotend is up for sale

- The nozzle has been upgraded with a small round flat around the orifice.  - this has improved the quality of the top solid layers

- The heat-sink is now tapped all the way through and a hollow grub screw locking the thermal barrier in place which allows the hotend length to be micro-adjustable which is very handy for those who want to do a dual extruder setup this also means there is nolonger bowden specific version - this was something that has been on the cards for a while, however due to the availability of hollow grubscrews they all have to currently be drilled by hand

- The hole for the heater cartridge is smaller measure 6.2mm down from 6.5mm for more contact with the heater cartridges - this is something a lot of people have asked for  however the next version will more than likely have a clamp style system similar to the E3d configuration

as always the hotend is available for purchase at :
Ebay , Ebay