Sunday, 2 December 2012


After many many hours of testing my 1.75mm ALUHOTEND and getting a lot of interest from, the one common question i have had people ask "is there a 3mm version?" aside from questions about the strength of the constriction..

so i've done a 3mm version based on the 1.75mm version the wall thickness on the constriction remained the same but the length is double compared to the 1.75mm one, fins on the cold side are now thinner and there are more of them, the threading works out better because it goes deeper into the cold side, 

this one is jthe length will hopefully be shorter i have done testing on it with some old 3mm abs i had lying around as so far so good this will be Aluhotendv2

to be released mid january 2013

UPDATE*  the 3MM version of this hotend has been delayed due to some issue with the lathe and parts that needed replacing, that and a high demand for filament drives, we are now looking at late january to very early FEB  there has also been some design changes it is now shorter than an mk2 jhead and the constriction is slightly longer but hides internally, the highest recorded temperature on the cold side with no active cooling has been 45c with the nozzle at 240c

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