Sunday, 9 February 2014

-=( 3d printing multicolor and text )=-

Something i have always wanted to do was be able to 3d print signs and i've spent a little bit of time doing playing around with different methods of doing so,

having been finally successful i thought i would tell how i did it

- Step #1.  create a dxf file and make 2 layers
- Step #2. create your text on one layer and a square on another like so:

highlight the whole lot and in the menu system select "explode" in qcad/librecad it's :( modify>>explode selected[click]) then save the file in it's own directory eg "ishootraw.dxf"

-Step #3. start openscad , put this line in the code section
"linear_extrude(file = "ishootraw.dxf",layer = 0, height=4);"
and save the file to the same location as the dxf file

-Step #4. hit f6 then export the resulting stl
-Step #5. change the layer parameter to match the next layer (the text) and hit f6 and export the resulting stl
-Step #6. import the base layer in slic3r using your normal settings only for the end gode part put in:

G0 Y-50

and slice your stl
*make sure to remove any code that issues a G92 as the position will be compromised , as wel;l as any code that shuts down hotends, if you are feeling adventurous you can have it eject the filament out of the extruder as well

-Step #7. slicing the text is where things get tricky,  you need to turn off perimeters and brims and skirts
and in the beginning of the gcode file insert:

G0 Y0 

-Step #8. print the base first , then swap filament taking care not to move the extruder in either the X or Y direction then print the text layer right on top

your first attempt may or may not be successful (took me 5 goes to get the above) however the results are well worth it,

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