Friday, 25 April 2014

-=( GitHub ,Marlin and madness )=-

For those who know me somewhat, i have struggled with Github and the quite frankly "weird" way it works,  i have tried to follow quite a few of the "idiots guides to Github" to no avail mostly because they are either outdated or just assume some miss-understanding around the inner un-published workings of Github. i have managed so far after many months to put the modification i made with the author help into GitHub and submitted it for merging, but this was done on GitHub through the web based editor , i have yet to master the art of uploading a damn file.....

in the interim since i'm now email links to dropbox for the modified copy of marlin i have to people who want them and pasting links on Facebook, i'm going to link it here and in the wiki,

[click here] to download a copy out of my dropbox

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