Saturday, 28 June 2014

-=( 13 days later )=-

Its been 13 days coke and fizzy drink free, infact it's been pretty much a couple of glasses of milk and nothing but tap water ( which raises a few interesting questions about our local water supply ).

To say that quitting coke is an experience is a bit of a understatement, it seems to be one of those easier said than done things as the temptation is quite interesting i think ultimately the key to quitting stuff like his is realizing where the temptations are and avoiding them eg like not walking up the soft drink isle in the supermarket or going to fast food places.

If anything positive is to come out of a decade of coke consumption then it would be the addition of a still to my long list of projects. not so much for alcohol but for clean drinkable or water that doesn't smell badly of the chlorine hat has been used in an attempt to "clean" the water.

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